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We Love to Write: February’s Top 10 Classes

It’s February, which means it’s the month of love.
Check out the business classes we are featuring this month and download your free content.

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You asked, and we listened. Do you want to know more about what business classes we love to write? Well here are our top 10 this month.
Not only have we provided our top 10 classes for February, but we also created marketing content you can use to reach that target market.

Here are the business classes we are writing this month:

Floral Shops  
Fine Dining/Family style Restaurants (less than 50% alcohol sales)  
Chocolate/candy shops  
Balloon shops/Balloon artists  
Nail Salons  
Barber Shops/Hair Salons  
Jewelry stores 

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This PDF includes:
1. Instructions in italics that should be removed before sending it to your clients. Italicized content explains the placeholder content you will need to insert yourself.
2. Content in brackets. This content either means that you will place a button in that spot with a link or it is a placeholder for a merge tag.
Merge Tag explained: For example, this email content starts with “Hi [Name]”. In this case, [Name] is a merge tag that would be replaced by the contact name you have on file for your email list. However, if you are not familiar with your email marketing provider or “merge tags” replace “[Name]” with “friend”, or “business owner”, or remove it altogether with the email greeting just being “Hi”, “Hello”, “Greetings” or whatever verbiage you choose.

It is important to reiterate that this content is NOT ready to be sent as is.

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