Coterie Insurance Awards $5,000 to Agents Serving their Communities Through Agents for Communities Contest

CINCINNATI – Dec. 15, 2021 – Coterie Insurance today announced the recognition of two agents who won the company’s community-focused Agents for Communities contest, with each agent taking home $2,500. The contest was designed to solicit stories of agents impacting their communities to shine a light on the great work agents and brokers do for their communities. 

“I loved what this contest meant to our agencies,” said Lonny Huffar, Channel Marketing Manager at Coterie Insurance. “It gave them a platform to share all the good work they do and gave us a chance to know them better, find ways to serve them, and to give them a big shout out across a much larger stage.” 

The two awards went to Mike Thomas of Lighthouse Insurance and Rob Bowen of Patriotic Insurance. Rob Bowen submitted his entry based on his agency’s long history of providing veterans with business clothes to help them find a job after serving.  

“We all have a platform – it’s a core part of our jobs to network and build relationships – why not leverage that to help someone,” said Bowen. “For me it’s veterans. We all want to be involved in our community but maybe we’re not sure how to do that.” 

Bowen, a veteran himself, understands the challenges of re-entering civilian life after service. He aspires to help those who have served and are looking for a new career get the resources they need so they can feel confident in their job search and interview process.  

Mike Thomas’ entry secured a winning spot due to his agency’s long-running charity called For the Kids. Each year, the charity chooses a local family with a sick child who has financial needs as a result of the child’s illness. With the money they have raised over the years, they’ve been able to purchase equipment to help the ill children, as well as pay for medical costs.  

“As a local business owner, we have a duty and responsibility to help our local community,” said Mike Thomas. “We ask them to trust us and give us their business, it’s only fair that we try to give back and put back into the community when we are in a position to do so.” 

Inspired by the independent agents who serve their small business communities by providing trusted counsel, Coterie Insurance values the impact that agents have in their local communities. Agents serve as trusted advisors and relationship-builders, and Coterie is honored to recognize these agents who are supporting their local communities.   

With the money, Thomas plans to add it to next year’s fund that his charity, For the Kids, will donate to a local family next year. Bowen plans to use the money won from this contest to send 40 suits to veterans across the country.  

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