Learn How Insurtechs Briza and Coterie are Transforming the Digital Insurance Ecosystem 


When technology meets innovation, the two can transform an entire industry. The partnership between Briza and Coterie Insurance is a notable example of how two insurtechs are living this transformation. The companies have a common goal in mind: to create a more delightful digital insurance buying experience for small businesses. 

In the latest episode of “And I Quote”, James Riviezzo Executive Vice President of Growth and Partnerships at Briza dives into the specifics of embedded insurance and the experience it provides buyers. Briza is a technology company that has built a unified API for small business commercial insurance in the United States. Their unified API is a developer tool that allows software developers to streamline digital insurance solutions for the commercial space. 

James spoke about his career path from the financial industry to insurance and how surprised he was to learn how much the insurance industry lagged in terms of its use of technology. This realization served as inspiration for him though, as he knew technology would be part of the new reality for placing insurance risk and helping small business clients.  

James shares his perspective that most independent insurance agents are small business owners themselves and that a simplified embedded insurance experience frees agents to be a greater part of their communities and gain more business. More efficiency, less paperwork means agents can invest more time where it matters – serving their customers. 

Dive deeper into the conversation by listening to the full podcast episode today to learn more about the insurtechs. “And I Quote” is for agents and brokers seeking expert advice about all aspects of business and relationship building. Join Ann Boger, VP of Scaling at Coterie Insurance, for this week’s episode, and find all our episodes on your favorite podcast platform.  

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