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Independent agents face extraordinary challenges as the traditional insurance industry is being turned on its head. This week, “And I Quote” welcomes Bailey Preusse, Business Development Manager at Alignable, to talk about the difference between networking and networking for growth.

Bailey shared the results of a recent survey that Alignable conducted to discover the top challenges small businesses needs help with, which highlighted:

  • Hiring and how to find the right employees
  • Cash flow and how to find investment dollars
  • Marketing and how to build an audience
  • Networking and how relationships drive growth

Among the solutions to these challenges is remaining clear about who you’re talking to: 

“Who are your referral partners? Who are your customers? You’ll have a different conversation with each of them,” Bailey said.

She went on to describe how to get personal, to make your communications conversational, and to ensure a continuous conversation—three keys to networking that seem simple, but so many remain stuck in the rut of putting out mostly one-sided communication that focuses on themselves.

Listen now for these and other insights, including how to identify the people who are best to connect with, and some actionable “Musts” and avoidable “Must-Nots” when it comes to networking for growth.

“And I Quote” is for hands-on agents seeking expert advice about all aspects of business and relationship building. Join Brian Thomas, VP of Claims Experience at Coterie Insurance, for this week’s episode, and find all our episodes on your favorite podcast platform. YouTubeSpotifyApple Podcasts, and the Google Play Store.

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