The Power of Quick Quote to Boost Book of Insurance Business

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Coterie Insurance now offers a unique link, Quick Quote, to use on your website and email signature to help you expand your book of business insurance by easing the commercial insurance process for your customers. Now, your small business clients can quote and issue small business insurance with you at any time. 

Use your unique Quick Quote link to expand your book of business insurance to:

  • Add a 24/7 online quick quoting experience to your website
  • Put the link on your email signature so small businesses can quote whenever
  • Provide a presence over the weekends and on evenings 
  • Small business clients that need coverage fast can get it in as little as 4 minutes
  • Quick Quote does the work for you with policies attributed at the agency level

Quick Quote is a great addition to your digital marketing strategy. If you want to learn more about generating more leads for your agency and creating a robust digital marketing plan, check out our recent blog post about 7 digital marketing tips for your agency. Discover how to leverage content, social media,  SEO, and more to expand your book of business. 

To add Quick Quote to a website, you can simply make any text link to it. If you’re comfortable with a bit of web design, you can include it via buttons or a wide variety of other features.

Quick Quote helps your small business clients is faster and easier than ever before. Check out the Quick Quote demo on Coterie Insurance’s Website. See instructions about adding to your Gmail or Outlook email signature on our Quick Quote Instruction page. You’ll also find frequently asked questions. 

If you need help, please reach out to and our team is ready to assist. 

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