When is it time to review your client’s commercial insurance policy?

When to Review Your Clients Commercial Insurance Policy

As a trusted insurance expert to your clients, it’s important to advise them on when to review their commercial insurance policy. Regular policy reviews can ensure that your clients have adequate coverage for their changing business needs and can also help identify any potential coverage gaps.  

Encourage your clients to review their policy annually and if they experience changes such as changes in staffing levels, purchasing new equipment, changes in revenue, or adding new products or services. This proactive approach can help ensure that your clients have the right coverage in place and can give them peace of mind knowing that their business is protected. 

You can help your small business clients by: 

  • Assessing their current coverage: Review the policy with your clients to ensure that it still meets their needs and provides adequate protection for their business. 
  • Identifying coverage gaps: Look for any areas where the policy may not provide adequate coverage and suggest additional coverage options to fill any gaps. 
  • Staying up-to-date with changes: Be aware of changes in your clients’ business operations, such as adding new employees or equipment, and adjust their coverage accordingly. 
  • Offering regular policy reviews: Encourage your clients to schedule regular policy reviews to stay on top of any changes in their business and make sure their coverage stays up-to-date. 
  • Providing education and guidance: Help your clients understand the importance of having adequate insurance coverage and guide them through the process of selecting and purchasing the right coverage for their needs. 

By providing this valuable service, you can help small business owners ensure that their businesses are protected against potential risks and losses with the right commercial insurance policy. You can also strengthen your relationship with your clients, which can help to retain their business and attract new clients in the future. Share this video or this blog with your small business clients and schedule time to review their policies! 

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