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Floral Shops
Fine Dining/Family style Restaurants (less than 50% alcohol sales)
Chocolate/candy shops
Balloon shops/Balloon artists
Nail Salons
Barber Shops/Hair Salons
Costume Jewelry stores

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Landscaping and Lawn Care Quick Coverage Overview

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Coterie Insurance Loves to Write Floral Shops, Bakeries, Costume Jewelry Stores & More

Coterie loves to write many small businesses, but this month we wanted to spotlight 10:  Here are some FREE resources and downloads that you can use this month to help attract business from these small business owners. View our Free Resources

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Download Business Personal Property Coverage Information

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Business Personal Property Coverage with Coterie Insurance

Download BPP Coverage Business Personal Property Coverage with Coterie Insurance Your client’s business personal property limit of insurance covers: Coterie’s BPP limit covers the above-described property while it’s at a location that’s scheduled on the policy, or while it’s in the open or in a vehicle within 100 feet of the scheduled building or premises. […]

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Coterie Insurance Loves to Write Health and Wellness Businesses

Let’s start setting big goals that we can reach together by focusing on this month’s top 10 business classes for – all which fall under the theme of health, wellness and prosperity:   Here are some FREE resources and downloads that you can use this month to help attract business from these small business owners. Free […]

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Coterie Loves to Write: A Year in Review

Coterie loves to write small business classes. This past year we highlighted 10 classes a month that are in appetite. This month we’re highlighting 1 class from almost every previous month. RestaurantsPlumbersPhysical TherapistsJanitorial ServicesLandscapersGraphic Art and Related Design ServicesAir conditioning and HVAC ContractorsLawn Care and Fencing ContractorsNail salonBarber Shop / Hair Salon Check out resources […]

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Showing Gratitude for Service Industry Businesses

We’re highlighting service industry businesses that deserve recognition for all of their hard work! Try quoting these classes with Coterie: View Content That Can Help You Properly Cover These Risks

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Coterie Insurance Appetite Guide

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Coterie Insurance’s Business Owners Policy (BOP) Overview

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Coterie Insurance General Liability Overview

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Restaurant Endorsement To Business Owners Policy

Discover more about our eligibility and coverages for restaurants: Eligibility: Limited Cooking Restaurants Limited cooking restaurants are those where foods are prepared cold or cooked using appliances that do not emit smoke or grease-laden vapors that require an exhaust system (for example, electric sandwich grills, toasters, warming ovens, roller warmers, infrared snack warmers, microwave ovens, […]

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Coterie Insurance Business Owner Policy Product Highlights for Agents and Brokers

Our BOP bundles property and liability coverages for a broad number of small businesses. Our endorsement packages allow this coverage to be tailored to the needs of each specific business. Criteria Qualification Revenue Up to $10M ($5M for Contractors) Employees Up to 50 (15 for Contractors) Building Coverages (Total Insured Value) Up to $1M Business […]

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