Coterie Insurance Claims Experience: Building Loyalty Through Empathy and Transparency 

After a devastating loss, policyholders expect their insurance company to be there for them which is why the Coterie Insurance claims experience is built around empathy. Recently, Coterie was able to demonstrate our claims philosophy when several flooding claims came in. After parts of California experienced torrential rains in December 2022, several Coterie policyholders reported […]

Coterie Insurance Honors Top 5 Agents of 2022

As a partnership-driven insurtech MGA, Coterie Insurance is designed to simplify small business insurance for everyone involved: agents, brokers, partners, and small businesses. And only together are we successful.  That’s why we’re launching an initiative to honor our Top 5 Agents of 2022. These agents stand out for driving outstanding growth with Coterie, taking part in […]

Working at Coterie = Hard Work + Lots of Fun

For the second year, Coterie Insurance held our annual all-company get-together, known as CoterieCon. This year, our fully remote team came together in Salt Lake City, Utah to align on the company’s mission and vision and understand how all divisions contribute to the culture we have working at Coterie.   First, the fun  We had […]

Why “We love Coterie”

We recently asked our team members to share their thoughts on LinkedIn about why they enjoy working at Coterie Insurance. We were blown away by the responses and wanted to share some of them here.  “The passion that every team member brings to the day-to-day operation of Coterie is inspiring. This time last year, the collective […]

Diversity & Inclusion at Coterie Insurance

Coterie Insurance first established its Diversity & Inclusion group in summer 2020 with the creation of the company’s Racial Equity Initiative. Since then, Coterians have decided to expand the range of scope of the group to include all diversity and inclusion initiatives at work.  Read on for an update on the group and how we […]

Team Member Spotlight: Morgan Smith

At Coterie Insurance, we have a team of true rockstars and powerhouse individuals driven to disrupt the outdated processes of the insurance industry. As a company, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish that goal without the stellar team members helping us reach that goal each day.  This team member spotlight blog series is an opportunity to […]

10 Tips for Data Scientists from Coterie’s Original Data Scientist

Today, Coterie Insurance’s original data scientist, Steve Barnard, is sharing some tips for other data scientists. Through Steve’s tenure at Coterie, our data team has grown to a team of seven. They are constantly innovating and Steve has played a key role in the growth of the team. We’ll kick it over to Steve… I […]

2021 in Review: Transformative Growth, New Relationships & Lots of Fun

Another year is on the books at Coterie Insurance, bringing us to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in twelve months, and to look ahead at what’s on the horizon. As a once small, budding insurtech, and now an organization with over 100 team members, we came a long way in 2021.   Let’s look back at some of our milestones and proud moments from 2021…  We started 2021 off in earnest with nearly every team member hitting the phones to talk to agents and brokers. […]

18 Lessons Learned Through Series B Funding

By Tim Metzner, Coterie Insurance Co-founder & CSO Though many founders wait until a big exit event, or failure, to share the lessons they have learned along the journey, I thought it could be helpful to unpack the lessons from founding to Series B funding while they’re still fresh. Some of these are repeat lessons […]

Why Does Company Culture Matter for Success?

We’re committed to our core values, and are incredibly proud of the culture we’ve created here at Coterie Insurance. Just take a look at the fact that one of our co-founders and CSO, Tim Metzner, has been interviewed on the success of our culture a few times. So why does company culture matter and what […]

Work Hard, Play Hard: Coterie’s First CoterieCon

2021 has been a banner year for Coterie Insurance. Adding dozens of new team members, landing incredible partnerships, launching new products and features, and holding the very first all-company event, CoterieCon. We were thrilled to slow down a bit the last week of September and bring together our coterie in person for team building, training, […]

Three Years In: My Take on the Coterie Journey

By David McFarland, Coterie Insurance Co-founder & CEO It’s been three years since we started this journey to transform small business insurance. While that’s not much time, Coterie Insurance has grown significantly and we’ve learned innumerable lessons along the way.  On our birthday, I’m taking a look back at our progress to truly appreciate how […]

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