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Commercial Insurance 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Insurance

Explore the basics of purchasing insurance, understand the types of coverage Coterie offers, discover the ins and outs of handling commercial insurance claims, and so much more. View all insurance 101 videos here.

Commercial Insurance 101: Mastering Commercial Insurance Fundamentals

Dive in and expand your knowledge on the fundamental commercial insurance coverages that all small businesses need such as a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), General Liability (GL), and Professional Liability (PL, also known as E&O) coverage. You can also easily share these resources with your clients to help them better understand how important insurance is for their peace of mind.

Commercial Insurance Coverages Explained

Commercial Insurance 101: Your Launchpad to a Rewarding Career

Producer Resources at Coterie Insurance

Coterie Insurance offers dedicated resources for agents & brokers to help you learn more about Coterie’s appetite, review the latest Coterie Dashboard product updates, access on-demand and self-service capabilities, and download critical insurance documents like mandatory exclusions, and so much more.

Here, you can view content by category and search for specific downloads or information.

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