Top Questions We Get Asked About Small Business Insurance (and Answers, Too)

Small business insurance is complex which is why Coterie Insurance believes in connecting small businesses with the expertise of a licensed insurance agent or broker. That said, before you reach out to speak to someone, you likely have some more general questions about small business insurance. Check out the top questions we receive about small […]

What’s the Difference Between Workers’ Comp Insurance and General Liability Insurance?

Small business insurance is confusing. It can be difficult to understand the differences between workers’ comp (workers’ compensation) insurance and general liability insurance. While Coterie recommends finding an agent in your local community, learn more about the similarities and differences between general liability coverage and workers’ compensation. General Liability Insurance Explained A general liability insurance […]

Innovative Digital Payment Solutions for Today’s Businesses with Snap Refund  

In this episode of And I Quote host Bryan Thomas sits down with Cody Eddings, co-founder of Snap Refund Snap Refund is an instant digital payment platform.   Snap Refund’s mission is to empower the underserved and under-banked with digital payments and give them better control over their money. Specifically designed for sectors where transactions typically […]

Data-Powered Underwriting Designed for Agents

What if commercial insurance was as easy to quote and bind as personal lines? Now, the Coterie Dashboardbrings data-powered underwriting through its simple design. Enter just two pieces of information, business name and address, and get a bindable quote in just minutes. Small commercial complexities With everything small business owners have on their plates, the […]

Learn How Insurtechs Briza and Coterie are Transforming the Digital Insurance Ecosystem 

When technology meets innovation, the two can transform an entire industry. The partnership between Briza and Coterie Insurance is a notable example of how two insurtechs are living this transformation. The companies have a common goal in mind: to create a more delightful digital insurance buying experience for small businesses.  In the latest episode of “And […]

How Building Automated Digital Underwriting Helps Agents and Brokers Like You 

What’s it like to build a modern technology experience while keeping agents, brokers, and partners in the driver’s seat of their customer relationships? Find out in the latest episode of Coterie Insurance’s “And I Quote” podcast. In this episode, Pete Buccola, VP of Insurance at Coterie and Paul Bessire, VP of Data, discuss what it […]

You Asked, We Delivered: Instant Business Insurance is Here

Since launching in 2018, agents and brokers have told us how complicated and time-consuming writing small business insurance could be. We listened, and are delivering a quoting and binding process to bring you the instant business insurance solution you want. Since launching in early July, agents and brokers like you have enjoyed the prefill experience […]

Underwriting, Data, Technology…oh my!

Finally, small business insurance is catching up to the ease of personal lines with Coterie Insurance. We now use publicly available data to evaluate and rate risks. Provide the business name and address, then we pull data related to property and liability exposures, the premises, and other records that our underwriting engine analyzes and rates. Over 1200 known […]

It’s Here – Automated Digital Underwriting for Small Business Insurance    

Independent agents can now prospect, quote, and sell small business insurance like never before. Coterie Insurance unveiled our new Dashboard experience, revolutionizing digital underwriting for small business insurance.  Provide a name and address, the data does the rest  Fill in just two fields, the business name and address, and we instantly pull and verify publicly […]

Designed for Agents & Brokers

Coterie Insurance recently launched our newest Dashboard, which uses a data-powered underwriting engine to intelligently analyze risk and generate coverage recommendations to provide an instant business insurance experience. By providing just the business name and address, Coterie pulls from publicly available data sources to answer our own underwriting questions. You validate or edit and get […]

Find an Agent Small Business Insurance Help is Just a Click Away 

Small business risk is complex. The hassle of being able to find an agent for small business insurance may seem like just another to-do item on your list.   Trying to get insurance coverage for your small business isn’t easy. You might have logged onto a site to get your own quote and then realized, there’s […]

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